What is aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the practice of using the natural oils extracted from plants flowers or bark, or leaves, or roots, or other parts to enhance psychological and physical well-being. The idea in aromatherapy is that essential oils have healing properties.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are the highly concentrated extracts from the plants. They have fragrances. And each oil contains up to 500 different natural chemical elements that can influence the human body. The idea in aromatherapy is that these oils have healing properties

How do I know if aromatherapy is for me?

Aromatherapy is not a miracle pill, however, when used correctly people can benefit from aromatherapy. This being said some people will feel the effect immediately while others will not. In order to figure out if aromatherapy is for you please listen to your intuition. How to do so? Read more about the product description, watch the video, imagine yourself using it, and listen to the voice inside you. If there is something inside you that says “It will not help me, it cannot help me, I do not like any smells, etc” just listen to that voice. If it says “I love natural products, or I love natural aromas, or I know it will relax me, or it will make me feel good, etc.” listen to that voice. Please understand you are a marvelous human being with an amazing brain. Your brain is a great laboratory that analyzes everything around it and it knows things that you do not know on your conscious level, therefore please listen to that intuition inside of you. From my experience, I can say that people who made some detoxification tried natural remedies before, were on a special diet like Keto, Gaps, Paleo, Juice detox etc. are generally much more sensitive to aromatherapy than others.

Can Aromatherapy cure my disease?

No. Aromatherapy is not a miracle cure and it is not intended to be used instead of your ordinary medicine. But it can support your body’s natural wellbeing, can support you during stressful periods of life. And it can bring balance and much alleviation to various symptoms.

How are essential oils produced in aromatherapy?

There are different ways to produce essential oils, but most of the oils are produced either by steam distillation or by pressing. Distillation involves steaming the plant material, afterwards this steam is cooled down and liquifies. On top of this byproduct, there is a yellowish oil called essential oil, and underneath there is some water (that water was steam before). This water is called a hydrosol and is also used in aromatherapy as it contains many water-soluble compounds and many healing properties. The oil is then separated from the water and filtered into its pure essential oil. If the essential oil is produced by pressing, then the pressed material is filtered and the essential oil is obtained.


Who is behind Tparoma?

Behind Tparoma there is our certified aromaterapists, the only one in the country recognised by AIA (Alliance of Internationale Aromatherapists)

Do you produce essential oils

I have mentioned that essential oils are highly concentrated extracts. To give you an idea think about Helichrysum. In order to produce 1 kg of Helichrysum Italicum essential oil, 1500 kg plant material is used. Now you see what I mean by concentrated. 1Kg of oil has the power of 1500 kg of plant! That is huge. The companies that produce essential oils are called destileries.

Is that ecologic?

At TParoma we buy ecologic, and sustainable produced essential oils from the distillery. Our oils have an advanced laboratory test called MS GC, then we use our competinces to blend oils safely and make natural products with them.


Are essential oils the same as perfume?

Essential oils should not be confused with perfumes or other fragrance oils. Essential oils are natural oils from the plant, whereas fragrance oils are chemically produced to copy certain aromatic scents for perfumes, colognes, candles, etc.

Can essential oils be applied directly to my skin?

Tp aroma sells products that are safely combined and deluted. If you use undeluted essential oils at home please read point 6 about the oils concentration and learn to respect them and their power. In their pure form, essential oils can burn your skin, and irritate your skin. They will pass through the skin into the bloodstream and without the proper dillution they can be burdsom to internal organs. And you are wellcome to book aromatherapy consultations her.

Can I use essential oils internally?

No, it is not recommended to use essential oils internally. Given their concentration levels, essential oils can be toxic if swallowed. They are not vitamins or minirals. And they should not be taken internally only because they are “good”. You do not take another persons heart medicin because it is “good”. Please read point 6 about oils concentrations. And you are wellcome to book aromatherapy consultations her.

What is the best way to apply essential oils?

The way of applying essential oils is called rutes of application. The chosen rute of application will directly impact on their healing capabilities. See our product videos to learn how to apply your product in the best way.

Can I use essential oils if I have a medical condition?

This is very individual, you should first talk with your genaral practitioner (doctor) to find out if essential oils will not potentiate or slow down the effect of your medicin. If your doctor thinks it is appropriate you can use them with caution. You are as well wellcome to book aromatherapy consultations her.

Can I use essentail oils if pregnant?

If you have pure undeluted essential oils at home, we recommend avoiding the use of essential oils during the first trimester. Afterwards it is only recommended to use them if supervised by a certified aromatherapist. You are wellcome to book aromatherapy consultations her. There are oils that are considered safe during pregnancy while otheres are absolutely not safe for pregnant women.

How should I store my aromatherapy products?

Essential oils are best kept in dark glass bottles with screw tops. They should be kept in a cool, dry space, preferably in your refrigerator and in dark.


How can I exchange or return a product?

If you did not open and used your product, you can return it during the first 14 days from receiving it. If your product arrived broken please contact us. If you have opened the product and do not like the smell you can try to use it on your feet (as far away from the nose as possible). In this way you can apply it on your reflexology points and benefit from them. You may find out that after a short period of time you star to like the aroma. If you buy a service or untangible product as an online course and you have accessed it, you cannot return the product.


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